Buy-Side Engagements –
Acquisition Services

CoView Capital is well-positioned to play an active role in the formation of key strategic alliances and acquisitions. We routinely assist clients in determining realistic acquisition and pricing criteria. CoView has experience in all phases of the acquisition process.

CoView’s buy side services include:

Establishing Criteria – When engaged to identify acquisition candidates, CoView will assist in developing those characteristics which distinguish promising targets. We work closely with our clients to develop criteria supportive of their strategic and business objectives.

Identifying Prospects – Using extensive banking and industry contacts and our proprietary database of public and private companies, we will identify and discretely determine the potential availability of candidates which will satisfy our client’s defined criteria.

Making the Contact

Valuation – It is difficult for negotiations to succeed if either side has unrealistic expectations regarding price or terms. As CoView is regularly retained to value businesses, we have the experience to provide an in-depth valuation of the targeted company.

Due Diligence – CoView assists our clients in the due diligence process by identifying potential pitfalls, by developing projections under varying economic scenarios, and by assessing the overall corporate fit.

Structuring the Offer – A transaction must be structured in a way that meets the needs and objectives of both the buyer and the seller. Issues such as management continuity, taxes and contingent liabilities must be considered and balanced to determine the appropriate price, method of payment and terms of sale. We are familiar with a full range of options which can satisfy the legitimate, but sometimes conflicting needs of both sides.

Negotiation – Negotiating strategy is determined in advance of discussions. We strive to maintain momentum even in face of complex issues which could significantly slow negotiations. We make our experience available to our clients both as part of the team and as behind-the-scene advisors. CoView often acts as a buffer, softening the differences which almost always arise in the heat of negotiations, and is often able to bridge what initially appear to be significant difficulties.

Financing – CoView, when requested, can arrange financing for the purchase of a company.

Closing – Problems inevitably arise between the handshake and the closing. We work creatively to extinguish any last minute disagreements and perhaps most importantly, take a proactive stance to anticipate problems and ensure that they do not occur.