Sell Side Engagements –
Sale and Divestiture Services

The sale of a business is among the most important decisions to be made by an executive or owner. A miscalculation may distract management focus for months and could significantly affect operations. Our staff will help minimize these risks. We will not hesitate to recommend the postponement of the process should market conditions be unfavorable.

CoView’s sell-side services include:

Valuation – We will determine a price that we believe can be secured in a negotiated sale. Our process includes a thorough study of the business, its operation, markets and competition.

Identification of Prospective Buyers – Achieving a premium price for the business entails an ability to find that right buyer who will not only recognize the company’s intrinsic worth, but also the strategic value the business provides. CoView’s staff has considerable international experience and will identify the logical prospective buyers, whether domestic or foreign.

Preparation of Descriptive Memorandum – A potential buyer will require a thorough description of a business in order to properly determine their level of interest. CoView will prepare an effective selling document, which will provide sufficient information to prospective buyers to allow them to make a fair appraisal of the company. By providing the right information to a prospective buyer and screening candidates carefully, we preclude the distraction of management time on ultimately uninterested parties.

Sale Negotiations – Our staff will manage the sale process through the closing of a transaction. We take an active role in discussions and meetings with prospective purchasers. By introducing at least two parties to the final negotiations stage, we maintain the ability to complete a transaction without being held hostage to one offer. When an offer is made, we advise our client as to its value and will assist in structuring counterproposals as required. Our experience and knowledge of the process will help a company avoid many of the problems which inevitably arise before and after the signing of a letter of intent.

Closing – We work closely with the accountants and attorneys to the transaction to ensure that the final contract accurately reflects the verbal terms and understandings. Our ability to anticipate problems and bridge communication gaps will ensure that momentum is maintained through the final signing.